You can expect to see pristine coral reefs, steep walls dropping from the reef to the abyss, large populations of adult fish including sharks, jewfish up to 400 lbs, snapper, grouper and much more. There are many different species of sharks you're likely to see including; nurse, blacktip, lemon, silky and the great hammerhead.


Jardines de la Reina was declared a Marine Park in 1996. Together with the Cuban Sciences and Environment Ministry, this area has been preserved for future generations as a complex network of untouched marine ecosystems. It has been regarded by many knowledgeable scientists and organizations as a reference of what is the original status of a coral reef; as it was found by Christopher Columbus in the times of the discovery.

An underwater paradise is all that comes to mind when you first enter the water. Imagine the vertical walls covered with brightly hued sponges, huge Pilar Corals, and black corals extending their branches in the contrasting blue water. Many species of gorgonians, fragile laminar corals show their beautiful shapes through crevices, canyons, and caves. The mangroves provide an incredible nursery area for young fish populations, filtering the water that goes to the reef together with the seagrass beds and in return receiving protection from the open ocean wave energy; all interconnected in a very fragile net that helps keep its variety, richness, and splendor.

The biggest populations of adult fish in the Caribbean, Sharks, Snappers, and Groupers; Goliath Groupers up to 400 pounds are an everyday experience. Sharks are one of the main attractions and you can see them everywhere. You can easily dive with 6 different species: Silkies, Reef, Lemon, Blacktip, King Hammerhead, and nurse sharks. From July to November you have the chance to swim with Whale Sharks. Gardens of the Queen is certainly one of the last virgin reefs known by man. Dive and snorkel sites are well protected from the winds and sea currents. Visibility is more than 40 meters. There is a wide variety of fish and corals.


Roundtrip Airfare from Miami; all Transfers; Lodging in Havana, walking tour, & breakfast Saturday morning; All Meals & Adult Beverages onboard Avalon, 3 Dives Per Day + 1 Night Dive; Taxes; Marine Park & Port Fee’s

Not included

Tips; Dinner Friday night in Havana; Nitrox add $120 (recommend pre pay, on the boat it’s more, you may request an additional day & night dive); Transportation to Miami /parking.



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