January 18, 2019 2 min read

Out with the old and in with the new!

There’s a lot of different ways I could take that statement but I don’t want to upset any climate change deniers so let’s stick to diving! 2018 was a poor year for diving in Southwest Florida. Poor is actually a kind word to describe not only the lack of good dive-able days here but also the devastation and destruction our marine ecosystem suffered last year. So OUT with 2018 which was even worse than 2017 when we endured Cat. 4 Irma.

Alright, it wasn’t all terrible, we did take nearly 500 pounds of trash and debris off the 5 mile reef last fall. Stay tuned for details on the next clean up this spring! Despite trying weather over the holidays we did manage to certify and bring 20 new bubble blowers into the club! In my final analysis though...

IN WITH 2019! Two, Zero, One, Nine is GOING TO BE FINE!!! Scientists are developing a chemical to spray all over to solve our problems. It’s going to neutralize red tide, consume toxic green algae, and even kill invasive pythons! Seriously though, I do have hope. I also have a KOAH! My new FATBACK 54 is soooo sexy!! Scuba Marco is now a KOAH dealer, so we have your KOAH too.

There are other indicators pointing towards a fab 2019, Roatan is topping that list. A week on a Caribbean island in an air-conditioned room, 19 scheduled dives, non-stop round trip air, all of your meals and all of your drinks (including alcohol) for $1875. Ahhh, 2-0-1-9 is looking divine! An Islamorada long weekend Drive-n-Dive is also on tap. Ask for details on that February 8-10th fun. We have also been hitting Ft. Lauderdale with regular day trips. It’s not that far, ninety minutes and American Dream II takes great care of us! All of that and then there’s that big pond beside us known as the Gulf of Mexico. WHEN it clears up WE WILL BE THERE! We’ve got a new year and it WILL clear up. Let’s dive, dive, dive and make this year fine!!!

Live, Love, Dive.... Jeff

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