Referral Students

So you have completed the class and pool portions of your Open Water Certification and now you need to complete the open water dives. Perhaps you had scheduling conflicts on open water weekend? Or, maybe you just aren't excited about the prospect of giant striding into a cold, murky quarry? We certainly don't blame you for that! Don't worry, we're here for you. We do many referrals here being that we're a warm(er) vacation destination.

The referral process
We accept referrals from ALL recognized scuba training agencies. It includes 4 dives over 2 days. Usually your first two dives are in Tarpon Bay, entering the water off of a dock. There are no currents or waves there so we eliminate potential seasickness. Tarpon Bay requires about 4 hours overall. We try to do as many of the dive flexible skills as we can. That frees up more dive time for adventure and exploration on our custom dive boat The Psychquaticfor boat dives 3 and 4 right off of Marco Island out in the Gulf of Mexico. If Mother Nature is not cooperative during your visit, we can still complete all the training dives in Tarpon Bay. On the other hand, if conditions are nice, we may do all 4 dives off the boat. We give referrals priority scheduling to make sure you're able to complete your certification!

What you'll need
All you need is a signed Referral Form from your initiating instructor. ***If your training was completed more than 6 months ago you will also need to do a pool (confined water) review. That can certainly be arranged, but please let us know when you submit your request. 

Includes instruction, 4 Open Water dives, tanks & weights         $375
PADI processing fee (if needed)                                                    $50
Pool / Confined Water (if needed)                                                 $150

All rental equipment is up to date with weight integrated BC's and regulators with computers.

Referral Student Equipment Rentals (for 2 days)
B.C. & Reg w/ computer                                   $120
Mask, snorkel, fins w/ boots                             $50
Wetsuit (optional)                                               $30
Package Special: Full rentals                            $195
Package Special without wetsuit                      $165

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