Enriched Air Diver

The Enriched Air "Nitrox" certification is Scuba's most popular specialty course. Nitrox is diving with air containing more oxygen than the normal 21%. This means the diver absorbs less nitrogen throughout the dive. You get longer bottom times and improved safety margins! Most divers claim they have less fatigue and more energy after diving Nitrox over air. The course is fast and easy, no open water dives are required. Minimum age is 12.

PADI Nitrox Online

A convenient way to study and learn the basics is via an interactive PADI E-Learning course. After completing the online program we will meet at the dive shop for a quick review. Next you will learn how to analyze the oxygen content in a tank and set your computer for the appropriate percentage of Oxygen appropriately.
The Nitrox certification does not require an underwater skills test.


Online Course: $212 / $30 Classroom fee for Quick Review and Oxygen Analysis ***Make sure you select 'Scuba Marco' as your dive center.
Save $30 when taken with Open Water course!

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