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Always wanted to Scuba Dive? ...Here's your chance

Start with a fun, easy pool session to introduce the skills you'll need for your open water dive experience. We'll get you acquainted with the dive equipment, practice mask clearing and buoyancy skills, and show you how easy it can be to move about underwater. These pool sessions allow you to focus on becoming acclimated to the scuba skills in a protected environment with no distractions from wind, waves, or fish.

Please do remember: Scuba diving is a weather related sport. We will dive only when our conditions (weather, wind, waves, current, tides and visibility) make for good diving. For this reason, we keep our schedule flexible and always take conditions and requests into consideration.

There is a medical questionnaire (click HERE) that we ask you to please read through. If there are any conditions that apply to you, there is a scuba physical form that your doctor will need to fill out in order to approve you for the physical activities presented when scuba diving. Let us know and we can send it to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We also have a local doctor here who is acquainted with scuba physicals, should you need one.

Pool Play/Dive-N-A-Day

 The focus is on fun, getting comfortable underwater, and playing games during Pool Play. This is a great way to find out if SCUBA is for you! Kids love playing with pool torpedoes and other underwater toys. We also enjoy and can facilitate those with certain physical/cognitive challenges. Breathing underwater might be the biggest thrill of your life! If you're also doing open water dives we will learn a few skills, make sure your ears are equalizing, and practice underwater swimming techniques.

All toys and equipment are included. Approx 2 hours. Cost $150 per person



Tarpon Bay Dive-N-A-Day


Our 20 foot deep bay is located right here on Marco Island. We enter and exit off of a dock. This is quick and easy - plus it eliminates potential waves and current. No sea-sickness! We typically see 5 to 10 different species of fish and invertebrates, like comb jellies and stone crabs. During spring and summer tarpon can be spotted on the surface as they roll to fill their 'lung'. They are one of the few fish that can breathe air! Your instructor will guide you the entire time. Actual bottom time is 30-60 minutes.

Price includes equipment rental, class instruction and pool session. Approx 4 hours. Cost $250 per person (includes $150 Pool Play).

Boat Trip Dive-N-A-Day

A thrilling way to discover scuba diving is with a trip out on our dive boat! Join other divers on an excursion into the Gulf of Mexico. But don't worry, you will be accompanied by the instructor while you're underwater. Newbie divers can be anxious so we go slow and strive to make you comfortable. If you enjoyed the pool, you'll love seeing all the fish and sea life! Also, if you decide that becoming scuba certified is for you, then we can help you with that as well.

Price includes instruction, pool session, equipment rental, charter fees, snack bar and drinks. Approx 7 hours; Boat trip 5 hours / Pool session 2 hours.

2 dive locations: $350 per person.

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