Team Marco

Meet Team Marco

We love our quiet little dive shop with it's true, old-fashioned "mom & pop" vibe, and love the people we get to share it with everyday.  So stop by and say hello - we're always happy to meet new people and help new divers discover the wonders of being underwater!

Captain Jeff

Captain Jeff has over 40 years experience on and under the water right here in Southwest Florida. Despite all his whining, Jeff's parents relocated from Ohio to Naples in 1973. "Thank God they didn't listen to me" is how he feels now! He received his first scuba certification as well as a degree in psychology from the University of Florida in the 80s. Jeff holds both PADI and SSI instructor certifications. He has certified 1000+ students and done over 6000 dives.

Jeff Dawson

Open Water Instructor

Can you say diving teddy bear? Loud, boisterous, and fun loving, Instructor John loves to introduce people to the underwater world of scuba diving.  A born water baby, John grew up swimming and playing water polo in Northern California.  While attending  college, he earned his PADI Open Water certification in a quarry in Pennsylvania. The next year, he went back to the same quarry to complete his advanced certification.  After college, he served 6 years in the Navy, but you don’t have to thank him for his service.  While serving, he lived in Hawaii and was able to dive all over the world. 

After leaving the navy he traveled to Florida to become a PADI Open Water Instructor and started his professional career working in Key Largo.  He eventually moved to Naples  and has continued teaching SCUBA while also occasionally working as a Middle and High School Math Teacher.  When asked what his favorite dive is, his answer is always YES, because he can enjoy all types of diving in a wide range of conditions.



Jessi grew up in small town Arkansas with a love of all things water. When Capt. Jeff certified Jessi's parents in 1998 they met. Jessi not only fell in love with scuba diving but also her instructor. She has been having fun on both dive adventures and life adventures ever since! Jessi is usually at the shop while Jeff is in the water but does gets out to teach kids programs regularly. She is working on making her dream of bringing Adpative Scuba to those with mental and/ or physical challenges a reality. She and Jeff live on Marco Island with their children who love to dive as well.



John has been diving since he could run and teaching Scuba since 1999. He’s borderline OCD but that’s good for a Scuba repair tech! He holds current certifications authorizing him to service almost every brand, and his primary lab is here in SW Florida where he has lived since 1984. He sets up his mobile repair lab at Scuba Marco weekly.


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