Rental Scuba Equipment

With all the hassle of packing an extra bag (or two), fighting crowds at the airport and the constantly increasing baggage fees that airlines are imposing, many divers are choosing to rent equipment when they go on vacation. Here at Scuba Marco we have everything you need for an enjoyable dive: from new Scuba Pro BCs, regulators and computers to an excellent array of quality masks, fins and snorkels... We even have motion sickness medicine and sunscreen!

Prices given are per day and do not include tax. Scuba tank rental comes with one free fill per rental day.


Psychquatic Offsite
Nitrox 80 cf  32% $12.50 $20
Tank $15
BCD $25 $30
Regulator w/ Computer $35 $40
Wetsuit $15 $20
Mask & Snorkel $15 $20
Fins & Boots $15 $20
Mask/Snorkel/Fins/Boot $25 $35
Weights $0.50 per lbs
Flash Light $10 $15
Hood $5 $5
Gloves $5 $5

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