Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver Course teaches you to be a better buddy! During the course, you learn how to spot potential problems and quickly deal with them before they become big issues. You will expand your knowledge, skills, and techniques to look beyond yourself and consider the safety and well-being of other divers. You will not only be ready to rescue someone in an emergency, but you’ll also have the skills and awareness to prevent problems. Many certified Rescue Divers claim this course is the most fun and informative class they have taken! The Advanced Open Water certification is required to start the Rescue Diver course. Also, current CPR & First Aid certification is required.

PADI Rescue Diver Online

Online courses allows you to complete the academic portion anyplace you have internet access. We start with an academic review, then do a confined (pool) session next. The course concludes with 1 or 2 open water experiences where we will refine skills, practice search patterns, and perform simulated rescue scenarios. Course is usually completed in 2 days. You must be Advanced Open Water certified to qualify. Minimum age is 12.

What to bring: A complete scuba unit with compass is required. A CPR pocket mask is also required. All equipment is available to rent or purchase at 10%-25% discounted student pricing.


$499 includes one day Pool skill development and one day Open Water Exercises and Scenarios.

*Fees are based on two or more students, for private instruction add $75.

Primary Care (CPR) & Secondary Care (First Aid) are a prerequisite to completing the PADI Rescue Diver Course.  If you do not have a current certification in both CPR and First Aid, then we will be happy to accommodate your needs with our Emergency Response Primary/Secondary Care course.  The cost is $100 with our Rescue class after finishing the Online course.

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