October 27, 2020 3 min read

Election Baby, Louisiana Curse, Rays Comeback?

‘Election baby’ not in the sense of -- ‘damn I can’t wait for that election, baby.’ No, I’m an election baby. I was born November 3, 1964, the same day that London B Johnson destroyed Barry Goldwater to win the presidency. I guess it didn’t really matter who won since John F Kennedy was assassinated almost a year prior. I’m not a political historian but it seems to me that he was possibly the best president we ever had in that, JFK was a progressive thinker, a people uniter and beloved by a large majority. Have you ever read or heard the speech, “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You…”JFK Speech I believe our standards for the top office have dropped off... maybe vanished. So my birthday wish is simple; c'mon now, you know how these things work... I can't tell you that until after I blow out the candles on my birthday cake (which could take a while)!

OK that’s probably more than enough politics (Jessi may / did edit some of that first paragraph). I can only play the birthday card so long! Let me segue by saying that I wish all the critters (above and in the water) could elect our politicians. Most of the political platforms would disappear. Taxes, healthcare, the economy... Wouldn’t matter. That would leave us just one platform: Earth! Without a sustainable planet to inhabit, everything else is meaningless. Actually it will be the meaning of why we no longer have a planet. I know many of you appreciate my view while others think I’m an environmental extremist, a coral-hovering hippie. My compassion for the environment makes it easy for people to dismiss my views as absurd. To me it’s absurd that not everyone feels as strongly about protecting and helping our planet flourish as I do.??? So to all those environmental change naysayers: watch out, don’t step of the edge of the earth! Disclaimer: I did re-watch Dances With Wolves last night.I had forgotten that I had a bit of a man-crush for Kevin Costner after that one!

Not so smooth transition… Mother Nature is rolling hurricanes at our northern Gulf Coast just like a pro bowler launches their bowling ball at the pins. Louisiana is the head pin! I feel bad for our northern neighbors - Christobal, Hannah, Laura, Sally, Beta, Delta and now we’re introducing hurricane Zeta to you Louisiana... WOW! It’s tough to prepare for, endure, clean-up and rebuild after a hurricane rolls through. They have to be tapped out (emotionally if not physically) as they brace for their 7th landfall of the season. Seriously? I feel like I am just now getting over recovering from hurricane Irma which was three years ago! God bless everybody along the northern Gulf Coast and I’m glad he built you bayou people tough!

Rays comeback is a dripping double entendre. The Tampa Bay Rays are looking to come back against the Los Angeles Dodgers and force a deciding game seven in the World Series. It’s hard not to like and root for these guys… Their entire payroll is about the same as the Dodgers top two highest paid players! Go Rays!! Southern and Spotted Eagle Rays are making a bit of a comeback here lately too. A couple newsletters ago I talked about the lack of sting ray sightings this year but Instructors Melody and John have had encounters over the past week. Despite the strong easterly wind the visibility has remained pretty good near shore. We were able to run four consecutive trips to finish out last week and had 20 to 30 feet of visibility 3 to 6 miles out, not too shabby for October! However, all of the cloudiness has let the gulf temperature slip below the magical threshold of 80°! Have a nice winter all of my locals… I will see you next spring when the water warms back up! Or you could come to the shop Friday, although the temperature will be below 80° we will be in air not water. So let’s get together and spread out! This pandemic is actually robbing Halloween… We are so used to wearing masks there’s nothing special about putting one on this year. Be well and stay safe my aquatic buddies!

Now more than ever: Live, Love, Dive. -Jeff

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