June 26, 2023 3 min read

Tranquility or Anxiety / Happy Anniversary Baby / Rock Lobster!!

There’s something special about those first initial breathes taken as you deflate your BC to drop below the surface for a brief encounter with the aquatic realm. For me it’s very relaxing and yet exciting at the same time. I’m relaxed because I’m entering into a different world where my cell phone is no longer a thought (unless it’s an a waterproof case and I’m taking pictures with it). I am excited because you never know what you’re going to see on a dive, especially in the Gulf. There’s always a chance to see something unique that you’ve never seen before and the huge Goliath Grouper are a sight to behold! The earth is 2/3 water, we develop as a fetus in a sack of water, my body is 2/3 water, and I feel totally tranquil and at home underwater. I didn’t always feel that way, and I remember my first several open water dives. I was closer to anxious than tranquil.  Maybe because breathing underwater would normally kill us. First of all, you have to have faith in your trustworthy and reliable scuba gear (go Scubapro). It’s actually a tie for first; the other being your ability to feel comfortable breathing through your mouth while being underwater. That is easier for some than others and I have a name for those that normally breathe through their noses: Chronic Nasal Breathers or CNB’rs.  It’s tough to learn and absorb all the components of being a safe diver when you have to stop and think about how to breathe. That’s actually the proper way to breathe but it doesn’t work with a traditional mask that seals around your nose and eyes. There are techniques and equipment, which can allow CNB’rs to overcome that hurdle. It can be a challenge! If you have friends or loved ones that are anxious about trying diving, give Scuba Marco a call because we are No Hurries, No Worries and No Troubles Just Bubbles… And we’ve been that way for almost 25 years. Patience and Kindness are still free but supplies are running low… hopefully the mailman will bring us a fresh batch soon! At any rate, tranquility, for everyone!

A quarter century in August… Hard to believe and that’s actually a double edged sword! Yes, Scuba Marco is going to spend our first 25 years in the same location, in the little old house, underneath the big old tree that Thomas Edison supposedly planted! LETS’S PARTY!! There have been plenty of hurdles and challenges but the plethora of smiles and gratitude we have received make those hurdles feel like tiny bumps. We are extending some special incentives for those of you that have supported us through the fun and craziness that has been the past 9,125 days. Take 20% off of a lobster gear from now through August! The special is just for our social followers and not advertised in the store. Please mention the code ‘Rock Lobster’ for your discount! It’s not just Scuba Marco’s silver anniversary, it’s Scubapro’s 60th! We’re running an unheard os Scubapro special! Save up to hundreds on Regs, BC’c & Computers… It’s against the rules for me to disclose the details over social media so call the shop or better yet, drop on in Friday evening. Say promo code ‘Happy Anniversary’ for your discount. The other side of that previously mentioned double edged sword: I'm old!

In 1982 in Orlando, I saw The Who’s first of several farewell tours. After we booed the opening acts off the stage, The Who put on a fantastic show. The concert promoter was either tripping on psychedelics and/or sadistic, because Joan Jett and the B-52’s were the opening acts for the mighty Who. Joan was humiliated as all 60,000 of us hard rockers were screaming ‘No!’ as she asked the rhetorical call and response question, “do you want to touch me?”. The B-52’s, by song three, were knee-deep in cups, hats and whatever trash the crowded fans near the front of the stage could throw at them. Before their final song, the now irate frontman exclaimed: “F:)-/k you guys, we’re going to do one more F:)-/king song whether you F:)-/king like it or not!!!” They broke into Rock Lobster and the crowd went wild. There’s just something really special about lobster! They live in the water, so they got that going on. They’re pretty tasty too. Plus they are a blast to (try to) catch. I hope to see some of you at our gathering on Friday so we can share some knowledge, tips and tricks about bagging the delicious bugs!


Until then, Live Love Dive,  —Jeff

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