March 29, 2023 3 min read

Clarity / Straight Forward / Stretch Run

My mental clarity is not unlike the clarity locally in the Gulf of Mexico… It fluctuates greatly! Like the reasons behind the fluctuations in the gulf, mine too seem to be the result of multiple forces. The degree to which each of those forces plays a role is a variable percentage also. There is not necessarily a direct correlation between the gulf’s and my own clarity. The gulf can’t take a pill, meditate, or seek therapy to improve its clarity, but I can.   Maybe I should try some of that! I’m definitely happier and more optimistic when the gulf is clear. That is now! The visibility gods are finally smiling upon our local waters recently, as we’ve had the best clarity since pre-Ian out here. Forget Adderall, Diving is my therapy. I have not been a model patient recently, so I’m focused on ingesting large, proper doses of my recommended treatment! Whatever your means to achieve good clarity are, I hope you find it. I know many of you are on the same prescription I am and may the pharmacy of good diving never run dry!

The data is in, and it’s official: a twin engine powered outboard boat steers much straighter and easier when the rotation of its propellers spin in the proper direction. No more zigzag wake! When navigating to a destination, it is much more efficient and gratifying to be moving straight forward. Isn’t that true of life also? I hope you are moving straight forward now like the Psychquatic is. I wish the direction of the Snook Inn and Old Marco in general were straightforward. The Snook got the permits and construction plans are intense but currently there’s just several guys putting palm fronds on the massive new chickee hut roof. The Snook owner went to bat for us with the construction company as they were extremely opposed to having divers walk through the construction site to board  a dive boat. Amongst the list of requirements was for us to increase our liability coverage from $1 million to $5 million.  So like we have been doing, we will be improvising our departure and return locations to keep the show going. We are very creative when it comes to keeping you guys wet! 

Why don’t we keep the parallel between diving and life going? At 58, I feel like I’m coming out of the final corner and heading down the stretch towards the finish line.  I hope I have the legs to sprint through that finish line, although I will be content with a solid finish! It’s crazy to consider that earth, its natural resources, and beauty could be heading towards the finish line also. With all the natural disasters, insane weather phenomenon, the state of politics, and the state of the worlds nations, I can’t help but feel that way at times. It sucks! The path we need to take to correct things is a super highway and it’s headed up the side of a steep mountain. It’s demoralizing to feel helpless. I oscillate between sadness and madness when I consider that many of us don’t care or worse yet, don’t believe that we have placed our Mother in a state of peril.  I want to do more and I need to do more, but will my efforts even make the slightest impact? Don’t know unless you try… Does anybody have Greta’s phone number?  All I can do is do the things that make me the happiest and fulfill my soul. Y’all know what I’m talking about here! I hope to see and visit with many of you at our gathering on Friday. We can be each others therapists.

Until then; Live, Love, Dive!  — Jeff

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