Scuba Equipment Services & Repair

Our repair technician is fully certified to do repair & maintenance work on all makes and models of regulators, BCs, computers & other scuba equipment with original, manufacturer approved, replacement parts. We can repair Tusa, Hollis, Aqua Lung, Scuba Pro, Mares, Cressi, Atomic, and more. Don't void your warranty by trying to repair or replace your equipment at home!

Annual service for air and enriched air (nitrox) use. Normal turn around time is one week, for express service add 25%

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How often do I need to have my regulator serviced?"
A: The rule of thumb is to have 1st and 2nd stage regulators (including octo) serviced every 1 or 2 years, dependent on how often it is used. Though the safest practice is to check with the manufacturer and follow their recommendations.

Q: "I have my own tank. How do I care for it?"
A: Store your tank in a cool, dry place. Keep the valve clean and free of dust, salt and debris. Don't run your tank empty! Keep at least 500 psi in your tank. This pressure will help stop any water or other foreign objects from entering the tank. Tanks under 500 psi must be visually inspected before they can be filled. Visual inspections are required annually. Hydrostatic testing must be done every 5 years.

Q: "I was given/found some old scuba equipment. Is it ok to dive with?"
A: HAVE IT PROFESSIONALLY INSPECTED FIRST! There are many "deals" on scuba equipment you can find online, at garage sales and in the newspaper. Don't blindly trust the person selling it - there are many parts that must be serviced and/or replaced regularly. The seller might mean well, but this equipment will be responsible for keeping you alive underwater.
Be 100% sure that it is working properly before you trust it with your life!

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