May 24, 2019 2 min read

Amazing Vis/Funky Seaweed, Modern Day Prophets, Chief Seattle’s Letter

One of the most common questions I answer is 'when is the best time of the year to dive here'? My generic answer is Mother Nature can make it great or very poor at any given time of the year but May is generally the best month. May delivered this year, thank you Mother Nature! The Psychquatic had days of better than top to bottom vis in the 10 mile (forty foot) range the last couple of weeks! Things have deteriorated a bit over the last couple of days based on the strong tides due to the full moon and some really funky seaweed blooms. There is a heavier but still not very dense purple seaweed on the bottom and then throughout the water column a very fine bloom of yellow is popping up. At the 9 mile reef I could almost see the blooms forming, they were thicker and heavier on the bottom and lighter towards the surface. I’m not even sure that it is seaweed? We have a good upcoming wind forecast and I’m hopeful that above average to very good dive conditions will prevail for a while here!

How can we tell who our modern day prophets are? Not necessarily in the religious sense, perhaps a better term is Soothsayer or Seer a person who is supposed to be able through supernatural insight to see what the future holds. Time eventually reveals them to later generations, right? I am officially nominating Neil Peart as THE modern day prognosticator of my generation! He’s not only the undisputed best drummer of an era, he was the mind behind the words in Rush’s songs and his catalog of lyrics and his writings are noteworthy! Thirty years ago in 1989 Rush released the album Presto which contains the song Red Tide.  Please take 4:31 seconds to appreciate their early warning of our recent water travesty. If you want more, going back another five years to 1984 off of Grace Under Pressure is Distant Early Warning. 

Do You Love Money OR Do You Love The Earth?

Probably seems like a silly ultimatum to you, but to me, the way you/WE answer that question will determine if we even have an earth to love moving forward...

Maybe my view is skewed by wearing swim trunks and T-shirts to work for 20+ years or maybe as we get older the bigger picture comes into focus. It is a vast web of LIFE out there! I still recall the first time I read Chief Seattle’s letter to the Big Chief of the USA who kindly wanted to buy their land. Back in the dawn of Jeff and Jessi our new roommate Lindsay put a poster of his letter in our front foyer... It rocked me to the core! He had no concept of owning the land. Man belongs to the earth the earth doesn’t belong to man, is the concept. If you are not familiar: PLEASE READ

Hope to see everyone Friday as we meet to talk about our close calls while diving, what caused them and how to avoid them! For me now... I’m going to queue up Dances with Wolves!

Live Love Dive - Jeff

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