September 23, 2019 2 min read

So, you finished your Open Water Course, Congratulations! Now What? Go dive!! Practice your new skills, work on your buoyancy, have some fun. The common question for a large percentage of new divers, especially for single divers, is “How do I go diving?” The purpose for this note is to try to help everyone get the most out their certification.


Going diving is easy, even for single divers. Just give us a call at Scuba Marco, tell us what specific day you want to dive and then pray to the weather gods for good weather. Also, make sure you are on our stand by list. Let Scuba Marco know what days you are available, then if we need to fill a few empty spaces or have a last-minute cancellation, viola, dive, dive, dive!


Another thing to remember is that Inst John also takes a monthly day trip to Fort Lauderdale. Join us for companionship, food, and a nice day of diving. These trips are also a wonderful way to expand your dive abilities using the PADI Adventures in Diving program. The first dives are typically, midrange wrecks or drift dives followed by a shallow drift dive. Drift diving is the epitome of No worries, No Hurries diving. Plus, you will get to meet other divers to share your love of diving with.


Additionally, there are a number of great dive boats just a couple of hours away on the East Coast. For single divers, every boat will buddy you up with another diver (which can be an interesting experience). We will happily help you sign up for any dive trip you want.


So, the big thing to remember is now that you are a Diver, Be a Diver, go forth and have fun!

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