September 23, 2019 2 min read

The News, Heroes, Who’s New?

My head is in a funky place right now just thinking about all of the negative environmental news feeds (not that other aspects of the news are any more positive). I can’t allow my brain to delve too deep into it, it becomes depressing! So once again I’ve defaulted into aquatic ostrich mode... I just stick my head underwater (with a regulator in my mouth of course) and forget about the mess above the water. There’s so much chaos, so many things going askew and way too many people being far too extravagant and not really giving a f#%&. I feel like the ones with the power are the most corrupt and deranged.


So it’s hard to stay positive but then there are people like Greta Thunberg… Is it wrong for an aging white American male to have a 16 year-old girl as my HERO? She’s so beautiful and I love her! She is the definition of poise, dignity, understanding, and action to bring about change!!!


Please God bless her and obviously you have, and protect her, she is the leader of a beautiful and most needed Revelation Revolution for humankind...


OK, so I got my prayer out and I feel much better!


Who’s New? Are you an old salt that’s been diving for decades or are you a newbie with that bright shiny certification card recently received? If so then congratulations and welcome to the club. It is indeed a very cool club!
If you love diving then be a recruiter! It will be rewarding to you not just because of the free air fills and deep discounts on your dive gear that you will receive (We’re developing a referral rewards program) but you will turn your friends and family onto one of the coolest things in the world to do! The more dive buddies you have a better quality of life you will experience (I checked with Trump and he said this is true)… So believe it! Just for having a bigger pool of buddies for local trips or weekend jaunts to the Keys is nice …


Now think about how sweet it will be to go with a bunch of cool people on a trip to the other side of the world to share that beautiful underwater world with loved ones… Priceless! Not only that, how about Instructor Jeff and the Fun-Master Jessi leading the trip! That’s the direction Scuba Marco is headed right now!!!


It’s so nice to feel optimism, hope, and yearning returning to my soul. Newbie or crusty, wrinkly old diver I love you both and hope to catch up with you this Friday at the dive club gathering!


Live, Love, Dive!

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