May 24, 2021 2 min read

One Fish Two Fish, Sticks & Stones, Under Pressure:

One Fish, two fish, small fish, medium fish, large fish. Those are the three size classifications for anyone doing the Great Goliath Grouper Count. It takes place annually the first two weeks of June throughout the state and divers are the force that gets ‘er done! I’m looking forward to meeting Mike Sipos, who in communicating with him, seems as cool as his job title is long. He is Bryan Fluech’s successor, whom you may recall gave a couple very informative presentations at previous gatherings. Mike is going to center his talk around Goliath Grouper and the count to help the powers that be make population assessments. This should be a safe haven for Mike as compared to him speaking at a fishing club gathering.  The Goliaths are certainly not popular with the hook and liners! Besides Goliaths, anything goes, if you have any thoughts related to our local marine environment, bring in your questions and comments. Let’s be hospitable but not go overboard, Mike is leaving the following day to go to a bachelors party in New Orleans so we can’t force feed him Coronas!

Sticks and stones can break my bones ... Remember that one? But words could never hurt me. Hmmmm, what in the world happened to the second part of that saying? Damn times have changed! Seriously, we all need to lighten up Francis. When did we stop teaching our kids the entire saying? On the other hand I guess maybe some of us needs to watch our words more carefully. It just sucks to not be able to speak anymore without offending someone over something.

South Florida has been under tremendous pressure this past week. I’m not just speaking of politics or algae blooms, I’m talking barometric pressure. The new normal in terms of spring weather seems to be massive high pressure systems centering themselves to our north. The clockwise circulation around the high pressure is opposite from the counter-clockwise flow  around a low pressure centered hurricane. What it all boils down to is that I have very limited reports about our local conditions for diving lately. We did run last Wednesday with passengers that just wanted to get a couple dives in to keep their experience up.  I told them I could not promise  any visibility. They didn’t care, they were all having their Keys dive vacation blown out. They had the right mindset and still enjoyed the dives despite only 5 to 7 foot of visibility six miles offshore. Enjoying life is very similar to enjoying diving… It’s all about having a good attitude! Hope to see you with  a good ‘tude’ this Thursday!!

Live love dive, Jeff

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