August 25, 2021 2 min read

Warm, Wet & Welcoming

Most of the guys brains just slipped into romantic thoughts and the female anatomy. Most of the girls brains know that I am talking about the Gulf of Mexico right now! Although I’ve seen the gulf reach 90 this time of the year, I’ll settle for 87.  Instructor Melody reports as of this morning that the water is still wet out there. She also says the visibility has improved to about 30 feet at 40’ of depth. That’s welcoming for the Gulf of Mexico! She also spotted a big lobster. However, she didn’t have gloves (nor a license)… That means I know where a rare, elusive gulf lobster is! Sometimes it’s the little things that get me amped up!!

I’ve been told that I’ve been in a mental funk lately and that I need to snap out of it. So I’m going to focus exclusively on scuba diving and the shop on this newsletter. Gonna keep it short and sweet. Diving is a fabulous way to break out of a negative mental state. Riding my scooter around with a cocked spear gun in my hands  was a much needed zen injection a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately I eventually ran low of air and maxed out on nitrogen and had to get out of the water. I hate when that happens! The red grouper at that limestone patch reef breathed a sigh of relief though! Diving takes an extensive amount of equipment and significant effort to actually be in the water. When the water is warm and I’m in that mental euphoria I just don’t want to leave. Life seems to be so much easier underwater and the critters seem to have more respect for one another than we do up here on the earth. Whoops, slipping a little bit there!

Although I won’t be doing a night dive Friday evening I will be surrounded by divers and that’s a good thing also. Hopefully you will be one of those people surrounding me! Anyone caught talking politics will be forced to hold the target for spear gun practice! There’s a finite number of gatherings remaining at the little ole house, turned paint & wallpaper (remember that?) store, turned Dive Shop. So if you’re around come on down. If you’re not around I hope you’re someplace that you’re going down! Geeez fellas… I’m talking about scuba diving!

Until then Live Love Dive!  —Jeff

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