October 27, 2021 4 min read

Splotchy Water / Free Creamy Deliciousness / Change and Growth

I like the word ‘splotchy’, it sounds more watery than ‘patchy’ or ‘blotchy’. All of those words describe water clarity within 15 miles in the Gulf of Mexico recently. Not that we have a huge sample size of dives to base that on, but I did speak with Melody’s hubby Dan today who flies Collier’s med-evac helicopter. It’s very informative to get aerial reports from pilots that fly over the water, they can see the clarity from the sky far better than we can from a boat! Dan confirmed the splotchy-ness and now the question is why? My brain has pondered that significantly and all I can come up with is; there is still rainy season discharge either out of the Caloosahatchee and/or from areas well to our north. Thankfully for us and our local fish friends, almost every other county along the gulf coast except Collier has reported red tide in the past week. Fingers crossed. The water has been clear along the beaches though! I witnessed that Saturday afternoon fishing the flats south of Cape Romano with my good buddy Sal. For the entire three hours we were anchored in the same spot, there were a half dozen lemon sharks in the 4 to 6 foot range and at least another 6 to 8 southern stingrays that patrolled the area continuously. The sharks feasted on a couple of our Jack releases, which was an awesome spectacle really. Sorry Mr. Jack! I landed three Redfish about 25” long and all of them were chased ferociously by sharks. I free spooled all of the Reds as the shark closed in to let them escape and brought them all in unscathed! Jess and I ended up with the feast about two hours ago at Cocomos! I highly recommend their Blackened w/ Key Lime Burr-blanc and salsa. Delicious! Winter is coming Thursday. After this cold front rolls through hopefully we will get some high-pressure settling in and clean fresh water in the mix! Cooler water is sad but it normally means clearer water also.

Creamy Deliciousness! Yep, that’s what Scuba Marco is all about this time of the year. We want to share that deliciousness with you… if you like Avocados. They’re not pretty but I think they’re the best avocados, they make the creamiest guacamole ever! I am biased and very vested in them… I sprouted a seed and planted the tree behind the dive shop from a seed off a tree in front of The Riverside Club that was fallen by hurricane Wilma on October 24th in 2005. It was a huge tree loaded with avocados. My little re-plant was loaded In September 2017 but hurricane Irma nearly toppled the tree and waylaid the pre-mature fruit. It was resurrected with the help of some good friends in that nasty storms aftermath. If you look at the calendar, it’s harvest time, we again have a tree full of ripe avocados that I don’t want to see it go to waste! Beginning this Wednesday day there will be a bucket of avocados at Scuba Marco… if you are close by and like avocados please come grab a few and appreciate the creamy deliciousness!

Change is in the air in so many ways. The weather is changing (both on the large global scale and seasonally right now in SW Florida). I know many of you crave the less humid, cooler weather. That is nice, but to me, that’s about all the good winter brings. The water gets cold... Yes, anything below 70° I consider cold. When our water is above 85° for three months out of the year I have that prerogative! The restaurants and stores become packed. You will witness cars making left-hand turns from the far right hand lane and vice versa, on a regular basis. Perhaps the worst of all is that the days get so short. It’s a little depressing but I actually feel better on December 21st, the winter solstice, as I know the earth is starting to tilt the northern hemisphere back towards the sun! Change is inevitable, growth however requires a little effort, speaking in the spiritual sense. Perhaps my growth is currently stunted… That’s why I’m not more tolerable to all the changes winter brings! It seems to me that as people age (especially men) we either get happier and more accepting or grumpy and resistant. The jury is still out on which way I’m going to go! So I guess it’s time to reach into my soul and pull out some enthusiasm, engage my brain and body, and rekindle my passion for life!  That would be a daunting mission if I didn’t have my positive energy, yin and yang partner by my side. Everybody needs a dose of Jessi from time to time! I think most of us are past due for a growth spurt right now!!

Live Love Dive!  -Jeff

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