October 22, 2019 2 min read

Ad Feedback, Monkey La La’s, Autumn Colors

Good help is hard to find, especially in SW Florida in the dive industry. Pay is basically a few shekels, diving for free, and occasional tips. We haven’t sought employees through the internet (Craig’s List) but I’m lobbying for it. If nothing else it gets our name out there but I don’t want to inundate ourselves with a bunch of idiotic replies. So hopefully this ad weeds out the morons and elicits responses from desirables. I’m looking or feedback here, please let us know what you think:

Scuba Marco now hiring Captains, Instructors and Dive Masters… The hours are crazy and extremely sporadic not to mention the pay is borderline poverty ...
However, we have a tremendous amount of fun and spread the love of scuba diving!  We are slammed and can keep you crazy busy in the summer and the three weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’s. Other times you should have a real paying job (if needed) or plenty of hobbies. So if you have that ‘will work for laughs and smiles’ mentality, please let us know!
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… Associates receive  discounts on Scuba Gear!!

Monkey La La’s are a delicious frozen drink that are very popular in Roatan. It could also describe any one of the 28 of us that were there last week… A monkey lost in La La Land. For instance; the 2nd dive day there my buddy checks her tank pressure (ask Mary Kaye about the importance of that) and she declares that her tank is light and only has 1015 psi based on her computer. Their DM observes this too and helps her switch tanks. “1015 again” I hear as they check the second tank's pressure which I knew would be an unbelievable coincidence. So I finally look at her computer: ‘Ummmm 10.15... it’s telling you that today is October 15th’.  Both tanks were full. There are way too many stories along these lines to write, so come hear them live this Friday!

Autumn colors make most people think about shades of yellow, orange and red. Here in Southwest Florida autumn colors just mean a lighter shade of green. My autumn color is blue. Blue is the color of cold and blue is the color of sad. Cold water makes me sad! It’s disheartening to sit around contemplating the right combination of wetsuits, dry suits, and battery powered heated shirts that are needed to get me through the next several months of diving. Please tell me to ‘suck it up man!”  I’m trying to tell myself that but when I half heartedly get it out I simply don’t listen to me...

So I deserve your pity! Either your pity towards my severe thermally challenged self or your pity because I’m a wimpy baby! Either way I hope to see you Friday so you can lay some pity on me!!

Until then: Live, Love, Dive. Jeff

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