February 26, 2020 3 min read

Blank Screen

I’ve been looking at this blank screen way too long, I have dismissed all the topics that I’ve contemplated writing about:

The Environment: Although that is very pertinent to my ‘Captains Chronicles’ (and life on Earth as we know it) I go there all the time and it never finishes with me feeling warm and cozy. It seems like about half of us feel that climate change is real and that human behavior needs to dramatically change in order to help the situation. The other half of us will now mostly admit that climate change is happening. However for most of them, it’s not that extreme and/or it’s just a natural cycle; every little thing is going to be all right. 

Our President: I can’t go there (and sometimes I really want to) but Jessi won’t let me. Again, about half of us believe he has done a great job and is making America great again! The other half of us feels like he’s a well-dressed devil in disguise and only cares about money, power, and his legacy. Are we really on the doorstep of re-electing him?? Just saying, not swaying… I didn’t just go there.

Tourism: Half of us in Southwest Florida right now are unbelievably grateful to be in warm tropical weather!  We either don’t (or can’t) drive or if we do the traffic is similar to what we drive in back up north, not to mention we’re just sight seeing while creeping along at 17 mph. The other half of us can’t wait for that half to go back up north! We want our roads, stores, and restaurants back to normal... but until then we are dreaming of May. 

Seems like we’re moving towards a world where people are divided into about halves on most issues. Compassion, diplomacy, negotiating, and compromise are no longer desirable traits. Let’s take opposite sides and criticize, attack, blame, and villainize anybody who doesn’t see it our way!  I was beginning to write myself into depression but then I remembered my last newsletter and the fact that I have relinquished everybody else in the world. It sure would be easier and make me feel better if everybody could just see things my way!!

I just realized that the theme of my rant is very much paralleling a Rush song… imagine that! Half the World is an excellent tune, I mean it’s even more excellent than most of their excellent music. Awesome unique guitar sound, I hope half of you check it out!  Rush: Half the World

Oh yeah, I should probably talk about the water. When we have been able to get offshore, visibility and the quantity of marine life has been outstanding! It feels like the wind has really shut down the diving this winter, both on this side and the East Coast. However, compared to last year we have run 60% more trips to date this year. Cold water can be a challenge, but it’s clear! Top to bottom vis (30-45 feet) has been the norm this winter. Our loggerheads have been showing up early this season, which is good, everybody loves turtles! We are on the threshold of longer days and warming water which gives me hope and enthusiasm to spend as much time under the surface as I possibly can:

Our local day trips and Lauderdale jaunts are sweet…PLUS we have 4 TRAVEL TRIPS scheduled from our Bahamian live aboard trip this September to the Philippines in April 2021 to with stops In Cayman Brac and Saint Kitts++ in between…SCUBA MARCO IS YOUR DIVE-DESTINATION HOME!!!

Although, we do have another strong (ha ha, to half of us) cold front blasting through this week which will shut down the Psychquatic for several days. So in the meantime it is paramount that we avoid hypothermia... let’s huddle and snuggle and eat tasty hot chili at the shop this Friday!  Our get together will hopefully spill into the Sand Bar to wrap up February’s meeting… Ralphee can you hear me???

Until Then, Live Love Dive  -Jeff

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