SCUBAPRO teams its high performance first stage with the air-balanced S620Ti second stage.
The MK25 EVO offers excellent resistance to freezing, superb inhalation sensitivity and instant
delivery of air on demand. The S620 Ti embraces the best features of SCUBAPRO’s renowned S600
in an upgraded, state-of-the-art design. Smaller and lighter than the S600 but using the samesized
diaphragm, the S620 Ti delivers excellent performance; work of breathing has been reduced
by 37% over the S600, providing effortless airflow under all dive conditions. The full titanium inlet
tube is ultra-light, the large purge cover improves water circulation, and the exhaust tee increases
performance while directing bubbles out of the field of view. In all water temperatures, in all dive
conditions, this regulator system is a winner.

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