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Hello Folks,

In light of the recent Governor's decree we wanted to give you a brief update on how the dive shop will be affected. Our primary concern is to do what's right, minimize contact, and NOT be an instrument to spread the virus. The shop will remain 'partially' open with abbreviated hours and additional restrictions to conform with CDC guidelines. Because we also provide goods and services to businesses in the marine trade industry that are considered 'essential' we want to be here to facilitate their needs. We also hope you locals are going to take advantage of the great conditions offshore and go dive!

Temporary shop hours: 9:00-12:30 & 4:00-5:00 Monday - Friday

We are cordoning off the front of the store so that you can enter but not move about. We will practice CDC safe distancing practices and liberally disinfect often. One of our suppliers called this morning to say they have acquired hand sanitizer, for which we have placed an order. We hope to have them in by next Wednesday... 2 oz. for their normal retail of $3.99

If you are dropping off / picking up tanks for fills or inspections, place them on the sidewalk in the BACK of the shop and knock on the door (which will be locked) to get our attention. Of course, you can always call as you are en route.

We've had so many supportive messages and calls from you all. THANK YOU!!! You guys n' gals have made our little shop what it is. These troubling times will pass and we plan on some amazing future adventures with you. So go sign up for that PADI online class you've been meaning to take, check out and sign up for one of the trips below, call to set up equipment service, or ALL the above 

We're looking forward to a fantastic dive season! Stay safe and healthy, in the mean time be sure to check our website, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. With all this free time on our hands, we suspect there may be some shenanigans going on!!

Love, Live, Dive,
Jeff & Jessi

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Richard Heffernan
Richard Heffernan

June 05, 2020

Hi Jeff,
I just finished checking out your website and was interested in getting more info on local diving and drive and dive trips. I moved to Naples full time back in October and was a little disappointed the the offshore diving here wasn’t very comparable to some of the Caribbean sites that I’ve visited. Despite that, I’m still eager to get wet again. I don’t really consider myself a snowbird, as my home here is my permanent residence, but I do travel north for the summer months to visit with my family. I’ve passed by your shop many times on the way to hanging out at the Snook Inn but the shop has always been closed at the time so I’ve never had the chance to stop in and say hello. So anyway, I’ve signed up for your newsletter and I’m looking forward to getting back in the water soon!

Take care and stay safe!

Richard Heffernan
Naples, Florida

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