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Strange Days

Last month when I sat down to write my captains Chronicles I stared at the blank screen feeling like there was nothing fresh to write about. How fast and drastically things have changed! This pandemic totally sucks without a doubt. Negativity, fear, and anxiety abound us right now, however I’m trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think that could potentially be a big, bright, beautiful light. Headlines of sad and tragic stories are stacked on top of each other in long columns on my news feeds. Don’t forget though; without hate there is no love and without lows there are no highs. I’ll circle back around to the light...

First a bubble report! Dive conditions in Southwest Florida the past few weeks have been phenomenal. Not only has there been consistent top to bottom visibility for divers, I’m hearing a lot of excited reports from people boating and fishing. Most are astounded that they’re seeing the bottom in 50 and even 60 feet of water. It’s pretty cool for non-divers to be able to see 400 lb. Goliath Grouper swimming around  the wrecks from their boat. “Whenever we get decent dive conditions and enough people we are out there diving” is what we tell people inquiring about dive trips here at the shop. It is so sweet when both those things coincide. Sometimes the people just aren’t here and the weather stinks and that’s OK because there’s nobody here to take out anyway. Often we have a lot of people here when the dive conditions are poor which sucks for everybody. This is the worst scenario that we currently have going on: we have stellar conditions and people aren’t (or can’t get) here. So I’m extremely sorry if you want to be here diving and can’t be. Those of us fortunate to be here diving will have extra fun on your behalf... stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook for the proof! As of right now anyway.

All right back to Strange Days. The first lines out of that Doors song are eerily applicable right now: "Strange days have found us, Strange days have tracked us down, They’re  going to destroy our casual joys”. Let’s hope those joys are only temporarily displaced, not entirely destroyed! Every now and then I spot an article with a positive spin on the coronavirus. It was fantastic to read about the water turning clear in Italy and all of the air quality improvement in China and major cities that are locked down. Our earth is reviling in the fact we’ve finally had to take our foot off the gas. Mother Nature appears to be poised and ready to heal after all of our abuse. 

That’s the bright shining light… That collectively humans step back and realize where we were driving our planet. Can we start to understand that as soon as we altar our emissions mother nature almost immediately improves. Can we not now see that we have been a selfish inconsiderate hurtful occupant to our host? I am so hopeful that we can now finally comprehend the fact that we must change human behavior to make it compatible and harmonious with the earth and mother nature. So hopeful!!

I am also hopeful that things return to new normal soon and that all of you are safe and healthy. In the interim don’t become a COVID-19 statistic. By that I mean giving birth in approximately nine months or going through a divorce in less than six! Do you think hugging and handshakes will make a comeback when this passes? I think that human interaction is important to all of us whether we realize it or not. So much for the old expression hugs are better than drugs.

Although, just say no is still very applicable. Many thanks to all of you that have offered us and Scuba Marco positive thoughts and vibes in these strange days. Unlike COVID 19, WE’RE NOT GOING AWAY! In conclusion: let’s power up that big bright light at the end of this strange tunnel that we’re in. Also, go diving soon before they close down all the water!

Live, Love, Dive  -Jeff

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Lynn D
Lynn D

May 12, 2020

Thanks for the encouraging words, Jeff. We are truly blessed to be living here on beautiful Marco Island. I went diving yesterday with my newly certified boys, and it was an absolute joy! We can’t wait to do it again! We are counting our blessings right now for all of the things that we do have, particularly our health! Without it we sure won’t be doing any diving! Sending blessings to all of you at Scuba Marco! See you soon! :)

Jerrty Maffia
Jerrty Maffia

March 30, 2020

Beautiful sentiment, Jeff. Strange times, to say the least. I am one who should have been one who is enjoying the diving, but, CAN’T from NYC. Changed til June, and I hope and am still optimistic that that can hold true.
Our best to Jess, you, and the children. Stay safe, “stay wet” and God Bless You All.
The shelves are bare here…..See if you can speer a small grouper and FedEx it up us… Lol

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